A Classical Surf Film

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Perhaps surf footage and an orchestra should be paired more often.

In 2009, photographer and videographer Jon Frank put his videos and stills behind the music of composer Richard Tognetti. The duo debuted their creation at the Festival Maribor, with the Australian Chamber Orchestra playing Tognetti's composition. The above sequence, called Dream, comes from a performance called The Glide, one of three full concerts put on by the duo. You can read more about it in the official concert program.

The duo also put on concerts called The Crowd and Nothing. The Australian Chamber Orchestra performed the three concerts in 2009, 2010, and 2011.

Frank directed the surf film Litmus and has been a senior photographer at Surfer magazine for more than a decade. For more on him, check out

H/T: Vimeo Staff Picks

–Joe Spring

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