‘Code Red’ Movie Shows Teahupoo in Super Slow Mo

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The opening scene for the documentary Code Red sets the tone. While sitting on a porch in the rain, a surfer checks and finds out that the swells headed for Tahiti are huge.

“Listen to this: thursday, 8-to-10 feet; friday, 8-to-12 feet; saturday, gigantic; sunday 8-to-12 feet.”

Cue quote on screen of surf announcers: “It's a pretty special swell that I know a lot of big wave chargers are probably going to be coming into town for.”

And then crosscut back to the surfer on the porch saying, “It's so big. It's as big as Australia.”

What follows are interviews with surfers about the decision to show up for one of the biggest swells ever seen at Teahupoo, and a heavy, heavy dosage of super slow mo footage of surfing. Code Red refers to the name given to the unsafe surfing conditions at Teahupoo on August 27, 2011, when the Billabong Pro event was called off, but surfers went out anyway. The entire 15-minute video is embedded above. 

For a shorter clip, check out this video from Chris Bryan.

H/T: GrindTV

–Joe Spring

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