The Evolution of Taj Burrow’s Fiji Vignette Video

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You can thank Taj Burrow's father for the video clip above. Burrow and crew shot a three part video series in Fiji after a family vacation he had planned fell apart. He describes the evolution of the trip at

Taj Burrow: “Originally, it was a trip for my parents. Just my mum, my dad and me. I’d been wanting to take them on a trip as a Christmas present for a while and I had this amazing, luxurious boat locked in for mid February. It was like something you would see cruising the Mediterranean. They were so excited. We were planning to cruise to a couple different places in Fiji and have the best time. A couple of days into the New Year dad bought this skateboard over the Internet, an old wooden carve board. It turned up in a box and he ran to the door like a little kid, put it together and just started bombing hills around our house. He had just turned 61 and my mum and I were, like, what is he thinking? He said he just wanted to do some carves. His third day of bombing hills he went to the biggest slope around, starts hacking away down this massive hill and the inevitable happens. He gets wild speed wobbles and eats shit, properly smashed. It took all the skin off of him, broken rib, broken arm, fully mangled. Obviously, they couldn’t make the Fiji trip. Dad was pissed for being such an idiot. Now I had this sick boat booked and no parents, so I rounded up a bunch of mates and we just hit it.

Vimeo selected the third and final installment as a staff pick. It was shot from a chopper and directed by Riley Blakely. You can watch the all three videos on Taj Burrow's vimeo page.

–Joe Spring

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