(Nigel Cox)

Flair for Glare

Going to the beach without the latest sunglasses is like walking when you could fly. You'll have it made in the shade with these six new designs.


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1) Rubbery temples and a moisture-absorbing nose pad anchor the .9-ounce OAKLEY SPLICE sport shades with iridium-coated lenses to your head. [$150; 800-336-3994,]

2) The BRIKO APEX delivers with a clean, casual look and a choice of seven hues of shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses. [$89; 888-276-3883,]

3) With kid-size frames, a soft rubber tether, and four tint options for lenses, the OAKLEY HALFPINT may be the only shades you’ll ever buy them. [$70; 800-336-3994,]

4) KAVU’s RUEZ model is an understated performer: The polycarbonate lenses are polarized—good for ocean fishing. [$78; 800-419-5288,]

5) Interchangeable polycarbonate polarized lenses in ten tints—you get three sets when you buy the glasses—make the SMITH EMPIRE your all-in-one travel shades. [$99; 800-635-4401,]

6) Bollé updates the bug-eyed aviator look with the MEANSTREAK’s raked-back alloy frames and blue-tinted, polarized polycarbonate lenses. [$150; 800-222-6553,]

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021 Lead Photo: Nigel Cox