French Threaten to Ban English Channel Swimmers


Photo of the White Cliffs of Dover courtesy of HBarrison on Flickr.

The Deputy Director of France's Coastguard wants to ban people from swimming across the English Channel, the Telegraph reports.

Jean-Christophe Burvingt cites the danger of a swimmer-vessel collision as the main reason to ban swimmers from crossing the Strait of Dover from England to France's La Manche region. 

The 21-mile swim has become the ultimate test of endurance for swimmers, with the earliest recorded crossing completed in 1875.

“Channel swimming has been going for 135 years and I can’t believe the French would want to ban it,” the Channel Swimming Association's president told the Telegraph. The Association officially recognized 27 individual crossings in 2009.

For the British point of view on this salty issue, check out the Telegraph article.

Erin Beresini