Going Really, Really Fast—World Record Fast—While Windsurfing


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Don't make the mistake of clicking off this video when you see a wetsuited man skipping through the mudflats while awkwardly carrying windsurfing gear. It gets better, and not just because the windsurfers will reach speeds of roughly 50 knots, or about 55 miles per hour.

The crew of the documentary Ghosts of Speed recorded the Dutch speedsurfers on June 8 at a place called “The Brace.” According to this old YouTube video, “The Brace” is a notorious speedsurfing spot about a mile off the coast near Bierdijk, Oosterland, in the province of North Holland.

Speedsurfing, in case you're wondering, is a fancy name for windsurfing really fast, preferably with a GPS unit attached to your body so you can check your time after each run. You can learn more about it on the Facebook page for Ghosts of Speed and at

In case you're still reading this and not watching the video, there is a wipeout.

—Joe Spring