Power Plus 3.5 Standard FootWarmers
Power Plus 3.5 Standard FootWarmers (courtesy, Hotronic)

How can I keep my feet warm while fly-fishing in winter?

I'm on blood thinners which cause feet and hands to get very cold when I go fly fishing in winter. How can I keep the extremities warm? I have tried sock liners and two pairs of wool socks, to no avail. Sheldon Warren, Ohio

Power Plus 3.5 Standard FootWarmers

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Although not something quite as foolhardy as running an electrical cord from your car battery to some heated socks in your boots, the solution here isn’t far from the realm of MacGyver-inspired quick fixes. Cabela’s makes a pair of battery-powered heated socks that are designed specifically for your application. Called the Battery Heated Wader Socks, they run off of D-cell batteries that clip to your belt or the top of your waders. The voltage is so low there’s just no risk of any meaningful shock. Cost is $22 (www.cabelas.com).

Power Plus 3.5 Standard FootWarmers Power Plus 3.5 Standard FootWarmers

A better option is to get a pair of Hotronic FootWarmers (www.hotronic.com). These units have a heated footbed that slides into your shoes or waders, with heating wires embedded in the footbeds. Another wire extends to a battery pack that you hang off the waders or your belt. It’s similar to the Cabela’s setup, yet you’ll find the FootWarmers are considerably more robust. Plus they have rechargeable batteries. Four heat settings give you anything from two to 18 hours of hot feet, which is I imagine is long enough to be standing in a cold stream! They cost $185 a pair, but maybe would be a good investment for you given your medication and desire to be angling in all weathers.

Hope that helps. Good fishing!

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From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021 Lead Photo: courtesy, Hotronic