“It’s a Shark. A Shark. It’s a Big-A#$ Shark”

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The loud and awestruck reaction of the people on the dock makes this video. It would be easy to make fun of their excited cries of shark in a dismissive way—Who let the double rainbow guy on the dock? We know, it's a shark. etc.— but there's something that's pretty cool about casting a line into a few feet of water and having an apex predator breach to snag your catch.

I like the way mistersaurus84 put it in this rare sincere YouTube comment:

While I could give the exact address, I'd hate to see the national media trying to swoop in and ruin these people's vacation. This occurred in North Myrtle Beach, but not on the Intracoastal Waterway. That spot is probably 15-17 feet deep at high tide. Not only is it rare to see a shark in waters like this, but to catch it breaching the surface is incredible. Well done.

After all, you don't have to leave a snide comment on YouTube in order to play the video over and over again and chuckle like crazy—all the while wishing you secretly had such crazy luck. 

H/T: Surfer Mag Forum

—Joe Spring

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