Kayaker Drops 128-Foot Waterfall


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Rafa Ortiz may have successfully kayaked over Mexico's 128-foot Big Banana Falls in December, but the mainstream media is just catching up. Ortiz, along with photographer Lucas Gilman, appeared on MSNBC yesterday to talk about the drop. At age 23, Ortiz is only the fifth person to successfully navigate a waterfall higher than 100 feet.

“You say it's only three seconds,” Ortiz said, “but when you're falling right there, you're just covered in adrenaline. Your body reacts so fast that it actually happens kind of slow. You have time to make little adjustments on the way down.”

Ortiz walked away with only a cut on his eyelid that required a few stitches.

“There's a couple very big project coming up,” Ortiz said about his future plans. “But I can't really talk about it out loud.”

— Michael Webster