Kelly Slater Leads at Waimea


Kelly Slater has just scored 98 out of 100 points for riding a big wave in Round 1 of Quiksilver's Eddie Aikau event at Waimea Bay. Slater won in 2002, and he's after a repeat win, which would be the first ever two-time victory in the history of this competition. Slater's currently in first place after a stellar morning, when he disappeared into a wall of whitewater and was still upright when he emerged. He nabbed four waves in 30 minutes. Ross Clarke-Jones and Mark Healey are second and third, respectively.  

The contest is in memory of Eddie Aikau, whose brother, Clyde, is one of the invited surfers. He won the inaugural event in 1986, and, at 60 years old, still commands his board on major swells. You can watch the action live at

–Aileen Torres 

Photo Courtesy of ASP/Cestari