Kitesurfing the Bering Sea


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Constant Bisanz Kiteborading on the Bering Sea

The above picture above came to us from Constantin Bisanz, who said in an email he has just completed the fastest kitesurfing expedition from Alaska to the International Date Line. The record itself is a bit obscure, if not extreme. Bisanz and his 11-member team said they spent two years prepping to make the 43-mile trip, and had two failed attempts at the record before a successful third trip.

Why would a German entrepreneur spend so much time chasing such a strange record?

In a press release, Bisanz said he went after the record to raise awareness of Global H20's mission to provide clean drinking water to rural communities. Bisanz is also a die-hard kitersurfer driven to extreme conditions. He recently completed a six-month trip around the world looking for the choicest spots to cut through surf. It's something that's easier to do after you've just sold your company to eBay for more than $200 million. Of course, it's nice to see he's tacking some goodwill onto his travels.

–Joe Spring

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