Rafting Down River With Pro Riders Porter and McGarry


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Last fall, when pro riders Eric Porter and Kelly McGarry needed a vacation, they decided to do a raft trip down Utah's Green River to look for unridden, Red Bull-style lines.

Because they're pros, they brought along a videographer, a photographer, and hired a raft guide for their little getaway. They documented it all in a video called Down River, which is packed with inspiring scenery that will, despite the sleepy soundtrack, jazz you up and make you wish you were there splashing in the cool waters of the Green surrounded by the silence of the desert.

When this footage inspires you to be a little more adventurous on your next vacation, take a cue from Porter and McGarry and be sure to pack some of their favorite essentials.

This crew's top pick for easy backcountry drinking water: Camelbak's All Clear, which puts a water purification system right in your water bottle.

“The All Clear allowed us to travel light when we left the boats to ride the side canyons,” said athlete Eric Porter. “It's was super easy and fast to use, and didn't add the nasty iodine flavor since it uses UV light to purify. Plus it purified 80 bottles of water on one set of batteries.” Available now, $99,

The gang kept their documentary crew powered with Goal Zero's Sherpa 120 battery and Nomad 27 Solar Panels. “Our Goal Zero solar panels and batteries were key to photos and videos of this trip.” Porter said. “Every day we would set out the solar panels on the boats to charge the batteries, and then at night we would charge our video and still cameras from the stored energy.  Our photographer was even able to plug in his laptop and unload his memory cards every night.”

A bonus for the rafting riders: the 27-watt highly portable and efficient mono-crystalline solar panels are waterproof so the rowing bikers didn't have to worry about getting them wet. Goal's Zero Sherpa 120 Adventure Kit comes with panels and battery, available now, $600,

—Berne Broudy