Slippery When Wet: Evan Garcia


Slippery When Wet: Evan Garcia from Shon Bollock on Vimeo.

Shasta Boyz Productions has released the first in a series of seven trailers to plug it's new project Slippery When Wet. We picked the first one up off a facebook post from Chris Korbulic, a kayaker who will be featured in an upcoming trailer. The Shasta Boyz are an extreme kayaking production crew all about the huck, as you can see from the bio pages of their web site, which include fields exploring their motivations like Why do you huck? and Summary of your huckings. Their previous film, Wet Dreams, can be viewed for $4.95 on the appropriately named,

The first trailer in Slippery When Wet focuses on 21-year-old phenom Evan Garcia, and comes stocked with waterfall porn shot from every angle. After a brief introduction to Garcia, the trailer chronicles the risks he's willing to take—again, and again, and again. If it piques your interest in Garcia, then his blog at deserves a visit. He puts everything out in the open. His posts come packed with kayaking lingo (Mocking off the lip with Devilish speed Jared sailed a boof of amazing proportions! Like a bird he flew and exploded upon entry with the pool. But what the hell sometimes when your running the stouts shit hits the fan.), epic shots of big drops and injuries from his latest expeditions, and musings and rants on the latest kayaking articles and cliques.

Funny thing last night I read a very nice “anonymous later to the editor” about egcreekin in The Banks Mag. It said something along the lines of “the words I write on egcreekin are about as deep as the San Joaquin river when it reaches the ocean.”

If you know what river that is, you know that it never reaches the ocean. Along with that he called kayakers out as the most egotistical and lame extreme sports athletes. Don't really care, but this guy sat down and spent some serious time on this article. I don't know what we did wrong? Maybe there's people out there that just think I'm a cocky ass hole, but it's not true.

I'm a kayaker…what does that mean? I spend most my time hiking around the woods in terrible smelling gear taking pictures of other stinky guys, to then put on the internet for people to see. Yes it's true! We live an extravagant lifestyle of sleeping in parking lots and eating ham and cheese sandwiches everyday. However, I would have it no other way.

If you want to see more of the trailers coming out from Shasta Boyz, pay attenton to Shon Bollock's vimeo page or Oh, and here's a kayaking glossary, just in case you're struggling through the “boofs” and “beatdowns” throughout the posts.   

–Joe Spring