Stand-Up Paddleboard, Indoors

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Stand Up Paddleboarding—SUPing—started as a way for surfers to train when there weren't any waves. SUP paddling kept surfer's arms strong, their balance intact, and their 12-pack abs well defined.

That was then. Now, much to our continued amazement, SUPing continues to be one of the fastest growing sports in our world, with its own magazines, events, and, increasingly, sponsored athletes. In the off-season, competitive SUPers need to train. Which brings us, inevitably, here, to the SUPergo, the first SUP ergometer.


Developed by Grayson Bourne, a five times Olympic and and Wold Champion kayaker and the man behind Kayak Pro, the SUPergo closely mimics paddling on water. The board portion of the ergometer tilts and moves like a SUP on the water—you can adjust how much—to train small stability muscles that give you balance while also training your core. The “paddle” handle has an adjustable shaft so you can further customize your dryland paddling experience. A computer console at the front of the “board” is much like that on a traditional rower. You can adjust it to your weight and local conditions (calm or choppy) and it keeps track of all your stats: stroke rate, speed, time, distance, pace, calories, power output, etc. Plus, its combatiple with just about every most heart rate monitor.

Alas, spray tan and low-hanging boardshorts are not included. Available now, $2050,

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-Berne Broudy

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