Stand-Up Paddleboarding Hawaii

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A unique adventure has launched this week from the Big Island of Hawaii. The dynamic duo of Morgan Hoesterey and Jenny Kalmbach–that's us in the photo above!–will stand-up paddleboard our way through the Hawaiian islands. It's a journey that will take us across three degrees of latitude, over 200 nautical miles, and across nine legendary open-ocean channels. As we paddle from one island to the next and explore above and below the waterline, our goal is to help illuminate the impact of plastics contamination on the world’s oceans. This pollution is responsible for killing more than a million seabirds and 100,000 mammals and sea turtles each year.

Throughout this trip, we will have unprecedented access to parts of the islands which most people never get to see. We'll cross channels spanning more than 80 miles, face waves as high as 20 feet, and paddle for nearly 24 hours straight at times, using glow sticks and the light of the moon to stay on track.

We call our adventure Destination 3 Degrees, and through it, we plan to raise awareness and funds for the Algalita Marine Research Foundation, which works to identify and understand the impact of plastics contamination in our oceans and on marine life and the human food chain. We're glad to have Horny Toad, an outdoor lifestyle apparel company, as a sponsor because they believe in “doing the right thing” and taking fun seriously–just like us.

The ocean inspires us, and our aim is to protect it. We hope to make you a part of this journey with blog updates, photos, and videos to come as we move with the waves.

–Morgan Hoesterey and Jenny Kalmbach

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