Rose and Rootlieb
OFF-ROAD WARRIORS: From left, Rose and Rootlieb at trip's end, in Cabo San Lucas.

Surf ‘N’ Turf

Rose and Rootlieb

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MEXICO’S BAJA PENINSULA can be torture for surfers: 1,100 miles of waves but only spotty road access. So this past summer, pro surfer Jon Rose, 28, and friend Tyler Rootlieb, 32, welded racks to their motorcycles and logged 1,500 wandering miles along trails, roads, and empty desert between Tijuana and Cabo San Lucas, staying at fishing camps and surfing wherever they could. “There’s a spot in Magdalena Bay, about 350 miles north of Cabo, that’s potentially world-class,” says Rose. After 17 days, the pair finally rolled over the last dune and promptly ordered two shots of tequila and a bucket of Pacifico. “I won’t claim to be first,” says Rose, “but we haven’t heard of any other surfers who’ve done Baja this way.” Neither have we.

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