Surfer Kelly Slater and Others Tow Into Waves Created by Sandy


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Surfers along the East Coast, from Florida to New England, used the
conditions generated by Sandy to catch bigger waves than they'd normally
see. Florida did not suffer the damage from Sandy that states further
north experienced, and many surfers went out to test themselves in the big conditions. The Grind TV video above features pro Kelly Slater and others towing into waves off Florida.

The video is just one instance of adventure sports experienced during the storm. Yesterday I posted a video of a kiteboarder riding the winds generated by Hurricane Sandy off the coast of Massachusetts. I wasn't sure who the athlete was at the time of posting, but later updated the post with a message from professional kiteboarder Damien LeRoy. The athlete in the video was
experienced kiteboarder Rob Douglas. As Douglas rode Sandy's winds, LeRoy said he and another
boarder spotted the rider as a safety precaution.

—Joe Spring