Surfer Recounts Tough Spill at Mavericks


High stakes at Mavericks. Courtesy of Flickr

A surfer who nearly drowned about ten days ago at California's Mavericks has recounted his ordeal for The surfer, Jacob Trette, required emergency CPR for resuscitation once on the beach. A man illegally operating a personal watercraft (PWC, or jetski) in the area rescued Trette from the tumultuous waters.

On January 22, Trette was idly sitting on his board amid the rolling breakers when an unexpected set of waves sent him and other surfers reeling. The surfers were swimming cloesly, struggling against the waves in tight company, and Trette didn't want to release his board for fear that it would injure or interfere with another surfer. So he held on to it, tried to paddle over the crest of the oncoming waves, and got his lungs filled with seawater for his efforts.

“I just thought I could make it,” he told Surfline's Marcus Sanders. “And I made the wrong decision. It's tough watching the video.”

Trette was tossed about in the violent surf. He tried to get his head above water and instead got another wave in his face. He lost consciousness and was “pushed through the rocks.” He's lucky to be alive.

“I was pretty much in God's hands,” he said.

Yes, the man operating the jetski saved Trette's life. And, no, jetskis aren't allowed at Mavericks. To read more about the issue check out Outside's coverage of the incident last week.

–Will Grant