A Video of Kelly Slater’s New Wave Machine

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Courtesy of CBS Sunday Morning

CBS Sunday Morning profiled Kelly Slater earlier today and in between the requisite stills of a young Slater surfing and video of him tearing up ASP events they nabbed a preview of his new wave machine. In a plain-looking Los Angeles warehouse, engineers at Kelly Slater Wave Company have built an arm that rotates 360 degrees around a circular pool and creates a wave a few inches high.

“The wave's perfect,” says Slater. “And it just keeps going around and around. I just wish I was the size of a mouse or something.” (video below)

Back in September, Pop Sci constructed a graphic of a possible Kelly Surf Park. The goal for Slater—according to CBS Sunday Morning—is to build a park with a much larger functioning wave machine as early as 2014. In the meantime, he'll be working to wrap up his 11th ASP World Title in San Francisco.

Tell us what you think of the park as detailed above. Would you rather surf on a consistent manmade wave in a park or take your chances in the ocean?

–Joe Spring


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