Whitewater Grand Prix: Final Wrap Up

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2011 Whitewater Grand Prix from Tribe Rider on Vimeo.

The inaugural Whitewater Grand Prix is over. For two weeks, 25 top kayakers competed on Quebec's biggest whitewater–and survived. Dane Jackson, the 17-year-old phenom and son of whitewater patriarch Eric Jackson, took home first place, inching out Canadian Ben Marr and American Rush Sturges, who, respectively, took second and third. Lou Urwin, a paddler from New Zealand, won the women's competition. Scores were totaled from six events, each a variation of a downriver race or a playboating competition held on whitewater so big it humbled even the saltiest of competitors.Here are a few choice quotes compiled by Aaron Rettig, who posted the update on the WWGP's blog after the last stage of the competition: a slalom race down a Class V creek.

“Yesterday, I liked it. Today, I don't.” Katya Kulkova

“I just tossed a coin to see if I should go again or not. Coin said no. But I think I'll give her one more run.” James Bebbington

“I broke my paddle on the first drop.” Casper Van Kalthmout

“At a certain point you stop competing and just begin to survive.” Nick Troutman

“I am just stoked they put it on.” the competition organizer, Patrick Camblin

Check out the final video update compiled by Rush Sturges. As for next year, the event will be back.

“This year, we pulled it off with minimal sponsorship or industry support,” says Sturges. “But I have no doubt this event has mainstream appeal, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for it.”

We're looking forward to it. 

–Kyle Dickman 



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