The World’s Most Inspiring Leftover Surf Footage

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While filming a feature on surfer Josh Kerr for RUSTY, filmmaker Matt Kleiner decided to rummage through some of his scraps and put together a little clip. The resulting video, Light: The Natural Agent That Stimulates Sight, is a stunning mash-up of an Australian beach at dusk.

Here's what Kleiner said about the clip on Vimeo:

I'm currently directing Josh Kerr's new signature film due out early next year by RUSTY. We have been filming a lot and just before heading to Australia there was a little run of swell coinciding with great lighting and clean conditions. We shot four days around home during sunset. This short film is comprised of leftover clips during those four days.

If this is what counts as leftovers, we can't wait for Kleiner to serve up the main course.

–Joe Spring

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