You Can Surf the United Arab Emirates’ Electric Blue Heaven Too


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Globe just released Electric Blue Heaven, a five-minute video of Dion Agius surfing an artificial wave in the United Arab Emirates. Don't turn it off when you see the yellow Lamborghini racing down the road and the woman in traditional garb walking through the sand as a cryptic voiceover plays. This is a surf video. Soon there will be russian models suntanning and traipsing around, and Agius performing tricks on the wave while wearing a questionable black jacket. The video plays as a mysterious introduction to a dream-like secret place, which is fine, but it was actually shot somewhere that you can visit.

Screenshot from Vimeo.

This artificial wave isn't a secret like so many of the other waves featured in Vimeo and YouTube shorts. It's a public wave pool at Wadi Adventure, a park near the city of Al Ain that also houses whitewater rafting and kayaking experiences.The wave was a bit of a mistake according to a recent article in Surfing. The Pakistani construction crew miscalculated the dimensions while building the pool and ended up with a large wave instead of an easy beginner slope. News of the wave started spreading back in 2010 when someone at the park posted a message on an online forum looking for a senior surf instructor. In early 2012, videos started popping up on YouTube.

If you choose to visit the park, don't expect any Eastern European models to show up to watch. They were part of an exception granted for the filmmakers. Remember, this is the Middle East.

—Joe Spring