You’ve Died And Gone To Chaco Heaven

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Ok, maybe that's a bit overblown. But if you love your Chacos as much as we do, we're pretty sure you're going to think this is pretty cool. Today, Chaco announced a new initiative, MyChacos. It's a custom order service that lets you pick your Chaco sandal style, choose your webbing and your sole, and then build yourself a custom sandal. Be one of the first 500 people to order, and your sandals come with free shipping and guaranteed delivery by December 15. This service is available now, and costs $125. Email them directly at for all the info or visit them on Facebook here for more information.

Until you get your new pair, Chaco has advice for freshening up your current smelly pair here. Alternatively, if they're in really rough shape, you might consider sending them back to Chaco as part of its popular ReChaco program. For $10-$75, Chaco will customize, resole and/or reweb your new or well loved Z1, Z2, ZX1 and ZX2 sandals.

A year ago we visited Chaco HQ in Michigan to see the company's sandals getting a new lease on life. At the ReChaco facility, Chaco has a veritable history of the brand in the form of a webbing library. The company still has nearly every color and pattern or webbing it ever made–even the last scraps of patterns from Chaco's earliest days.

It's a surprisingly downhome process: a dedicated team assesses the well-used sandals (and the multipage love letters that often accompany them) and then performs the requested task. The staff carefully ushers each pair through the repair process, gently peeling old soles, carefully relacing webbing, and only occasionally calling the shoe's owner and suggesting a new pair. To date, Chaco has kept thousands of pounds of rubber out of the landfills. Chaco repairs about 16,000 pairs of sandals each year, and to date, they've kept around 210,000 pounds of waste out of the landfill.

Learn more about the ReChaco lab here:

-Berne Broudy

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