survival winter cold water
A Canadian army reservists climbs out of a frozen lake during winter warfare training. (Cpl. Laviolette/Flickr)

This Week in Extreme Survival

In this week's installment: A woman survives by the heat of a small dog, a man takes shelter in a guitar case, and a family stays warm with the help of a rock-filled tire.

survival winter cold water


Semi-naked man survives freezing night in guitar case

Frozen pond, South Lodge Crescent, United Kingdom. Photo: Christine Matthews

Oklahoma ranchers found a nearly-naked man sheltered in a guitar case early Wednesday morning after a night when the air temperature was reportedly around 10 degree, with wildchill near zero.

And why would a man hide in a guitar case? For a woman, of course. On a 26-mile, nighttime trek from Cleon, Oklahoma, to Dion, Zack Aders walked across an iced-over pond and fell in. He hoisted himself out of the pond, stripped off to his boxers, and climbed into his guitar case until morning. Aders was taken to a local hospital and has since been released. He was reportedly walking through the frozen landscape to meet a woman.


Woman and dog survive three nights in Alaska

Elias Range Tundra, Alaska. Photo: Jack French/Wikimedia

Not that we needed more proof, but a 57-year-old woman discovered that dogs are indeed man’s best friend. Vivian Mayo was saved by Elvis, a small, brown dog of unknown breed, when the two were stranded for three nights in Alaska’s interior. Mayo was found Wednesday morning taking shelter under a burned-out snowmobile sharing body heat with the dog.

Hot rocks and burned tire keep six alive in Nevada

When temperatures reached -21 degrees on Monday night, the survivors of a Jeep rollover stuffed heated rocks into a spare tire to keep their children warm for two days. The six people were rescued on Tuesday in good condition. Read more: “Survival Skills Keep Six Alive in Nevada”

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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Lead Photo: Cpl. Laviolette/Flickr