Why don’t your movies include handicapped skiers anymore?


Why don’t your movies include handicapped skiers anymore?
Q: Dear Warren,

I sat in the front row when you screened a film for over 100 physically challenged skiers at the National Handicapped Sports’ 1992 Ski Spectacular in Breckenridge, Colorado. Maybe I misheard you when you promised that any film that you had anything to do with would have at least one sequence featuring a blind, or amputee, or mono-skier. I am sure that it was words to that
effect. I know you have done a lot to support people with physical challenges who want to ski, and I was thrilled to see some shots of mono-skiers in your 1993 flick, but, I didn’t see anyone like that in your 1995 movie.

I don’t mean to saddle you with a quota system, but I would like to know when you are going to show some great scenes of extreme mono-skiers, or even just some getting on a lift. I know lots of people are fascinated with the concept of skiing despite a physical disability. I see that every time I get on the lift. I think half the people in line must be thinking to
themselves: “How the heck is that guy going to get on the chairlift in that thing?”

Best regards from a mono-skier,

Jimmy Collins
Bakersfield, CA

A: Six years ago I sold my company to my son; I no longer have editorial control over the movies. When I did, there were always handicapped skiers in the films. And if I had the say-so, I would, of course, keep my promise.

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