Wild Dogs Suspected in Mexico Killings

Four dead over two weeks


Wild dogs in Mexico City may have mauled and killed four victims over the past two weeks, according to city authorities. The victims were found in the Cerro de la Estrella, a wooded park in the city’s poor Iztapalapa district. Parkgoers first found the bodies of a 29-year-old woman, Shunashi Mendoza, and a one-year-old child. Six days later, the bodies of a teenage couple, Alejandra Ruiz, 15, and Samuel Martinez, 16, were found.

Mexico City is known for its very serious stray dog problem. Public Safety Secretary Jesus Rodriguez has warned residents against visiting the park, day or night. Police officials swept the park over the weekend, capturing 25 wild dogs. The animals will be tested for traces of human blood and have their stomach contents searched for incriminating remains.

Diana Ruiz received a call from her sister during the attacks. On the tape Alejandra can be heard screaming, “Several dogs are attacking us, help me!” But Ruiz remains unconvinced that dogs were responsible. “What kind of dog can tear the skin from your whole arm and leave just bone, and if it was an attack dog why didn’t it attack her neck?” she asked.

City authorites have not said what will become of the captured dogs, but animal rights activists are urging them not to kill the animals.

Via MyFox