Wild turkeys on Staten Island
Wild turkeys on Staten Island. (Nadjeschda/Flickr)

Wild Turkeys Take Over Staten Island

Feral turkeys are a problem for residents

Wild turkeys on Staten Island

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Staten Island residents are already sick of turkey, and it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet.

Roving bands of feral turkeys—thousands of them—have become mess-making, traffic-stopping nuances to residents, according to New York Daily News. The birds turn yards into toilets, ravage gardens, and wake-up residents in raucous pre-dawn mating sessions. Residents are unsure how to handle the infestation.

“We don’t want to kill them. We just want them to leave us alone,” Barbara Laing, who has seen at least 50 turkeys gather outside of her house, told New York Daily News.

Experts say the nation’s wild turkey population has rebounded from 300,000 in the early 1950s to seven million today. Maine extended its turkey hunting season this fall to cut down the burgeoning population, and the abundant animals were accused of attacking residents in Brookline, Massachusetts.

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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Lead Photo: Nadjeschda/Flickr

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