Wildfire Burns Toward Malibu

Threatens 4,000 homes


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A 10,000-acre blaze that started Thursday morning threatens 4,000 homes as it moves toward Malibu, California. More than 800 residents were told to evacuate as officials closed an 11-mile-long stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway.

“It’s a rapidly moving fire through heavy vegetation and it’s proving to be difficult for firefighters,” Bill Nash of the Ventura County Fire Department told CBS Los Angeles. “There’s no place for (the fire) to go over the highway. We’re staging units at the PCH. We’ll try to be in front of it and stop it as it reaches the coastline.”

Fifteen residential homes have been damaged along with five commercial properties but no injuries have been reported. Nearly 1000 firefighters and other personnel are battling the blaze. It is currently 10 percent contained.

Strong Santa Ana winds fueled the fire overnight and are expected to pick up again throughout Friday. The fire was one of three that broke out among red flag conditions in Southern California Thursday.