Wildfire Edges Toward Jackson Hole

1,000 told to prepare to leave

Caty Enders

A 2,400-acre wildfire is threatening the evacuation of about 1,000 residents in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, as high winds have fire officials preparing for a worst-case scenario. The blaze began Saturday near the mouth of Wilson Canyon, causing authorities to close trails in the Greater Snow King Recreation Area and the Snow King Resort to fill its snowmaking lines with water. The Little Horsethief fire crested the ridge just south of Cache Creek Sunday night, prompting the pre-evacuation warning. Priority is being given to protecting the Cache Creek drainage and the towers at the top of Snow King, which routes all emergency communication, cell service, radio broadcasts, and Internet throughout the valley. Some light rain fell Monday morning, but fire officials said that it would not be enough. “The rain received is of no value, really,” Bridger-Teton spokesperson Mary Cernicek said. “Not nearly enough moisture has fallen to have an effect on the fire right now. And with the rain and the weather front, comes erratic winds which are certainly not helpful. We are still in very high fire danger.” As of midday Monday, the fire was about 15 percent contained.

Via Planet Jackson Hole