Wildlife Officials Seek Man in Goat Suit

Human attempting to liaise with goats

Caty Enders

Officials at the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources are seeking information about an individual photographed wearing a goat suit in the midst of a wild goat herd near Ben Lomond Peak in Utah. Coty Creighton was hiking the peak on the morning of July 15 when he spotted what he thought was a large goat, about 200 yards away, having difficulty following the herd down the slope. “I thought it was a deformed goat,” Creighton said. “It was clumsy, not nimble.” Using binoculars, he discovered that it was, in fact, a man wearing a fury goat suit, cloth mask, papier-mache horns, and leather gloves. Creighton snapped photographs until the man in the suit apparently noticed him and froze on his hands and knees, staring. Somewhat unsettled, Creighton decided not to approach the individual, instead posting the photos to an image-sharing site, where they went viral. Wildlife officials say that the mountain goats in the area are territorial and could pose serious risk to anyone approaching them in such a manner.

Via Standard-Examiner