Wild Animals

Wildlife of the Rich and Famous

Despite the condemnation, the novelty of exotic pets still hasn't diminished.

Wild Animals

46 B.C.: Julius Caesar ships a GIRAFFE back from Egypt

1252: The king of Norway presents Henry III of England with a “WHITE BEAR

1799: Josephine, Napoleon’s consort, keeps a pet ORANGUTAN

1923: William Randolph Hearst inaugurates the Hearst Zoo, soon to be the largest private menagerie in the world

1980s: Pablo Escobar imports HIPPOS to his compound in Medellín, Colombia

1981: Johnny Cash’s OSTRICHES attack him, breaking three of his ribs

1983: Michael Jackson adopts BUBBLES THE CHIMP

2003: Before filing for bankruptcy, Mike Tyson goes $8,100 in debt for the care of two SIBERIAN TIGERS

2005: Paris Hilton’s face is clawed by her “hot” pet KINKAJOU

2010: Two SNOW LEOPARDS are discovered in deposed Kyrgyzstan leader Kurmanbek Bakiyev’s palace

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021 Lead Photo: IStockphoto