World’s Greatest Magazine Stories becomes the Pandora of long reads


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Since you’re visiting, chances are high that you have at least a passing interest in well-crafted stories. If so, then you’ll likely find today’s re-launch of thrilling. The site is co-founded and edited by former Outside editor Mark Bryant, and includes more than 500 stories by Outside legends, including contributions from Mary Roach, William Vollmann, Bob Shacochis, Andrew Tilin, and Tim Cahill, among 30,000 other essays and articles from The Atlantic, Harpers, and The New Yorker (and many, many more publications). The site is searchable by author and topic, and builds personalized recommendations based on which stories you read. That makes it the first website to attempt to catalogue and promote the best non-fiction writing. In that sense, Byliner is good both for Outside and for the writers who make Outside happen. But it is especially wonderful for anybody who enjoys reading.

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