Poveglia Haunted Island Evil doctor spirits OutsideOnline
The abandoned hospital on the shores of Poveglia, Italy. (Wikimedia )

World’s Most Haunted Island for Sale

Spirits of the plague

Poveglia Haunted Island Evil doctor spirits OutsideOnline

In hopes of reducing the country’s public debt, the Italian government has put the small island of Poveglia up for sale. Thought to be one of the most haunted places on earth, the island will be auctioned off next month to the highest bidder.

The 17-acre island has a depressing and even horrifying past. It has been used as a disposal site for dying plague victims, a mental hospital with an experimental doctor, and today it’s a famed location for fans of the supernatural and ghost hunters.

The island has been closed to visitors for many years; however, Travel Channel shows such as Ghost Adventures have investigated the haunted island and even claim one of the presenters was possessed.

Located between Venice and Lido, the island sits on prime tourism real estate despite its spooky past. The Italian government certainly hopes that a potential buyer will be able to ignore the evil spirits and help the Mediterranean country out of debt.

Poveglia’s most famous spirit is a girl named Little Maria, who supposedly stands crying on the shores of the island and looking out across the lagoon to her home.

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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