91 Perfect Gifts for the Holidays

Whether you’re shopping for an obsessive athlete and their home gym, a fanatical foodie and their kitchen, or an intrepid storyteller and their mobile office, our curated selection includes something for everyone on your list.


It struck me why fat bikes were so immediately appealing. What traditional mountain bikes offered in nimbleness, fatties made up for in versatility.

— Nick Heil

Once he has finished sewing a wingsuit, he uses a leaf blower to inflate it, observes its shape, and examines how well the wings maintain air pressure, which is critical to good glide.

— Matt Higgins


Cycle Life



Our 9 Favorite Summer Dresses

Some people have to wear pants in the summer because their job requires it. But why would anyone ever choose the cover their legs if they didn't have to? For those lucky enough to air it out, here are nine of our favorite summer dresses.


XX Factor



A Look Inside Cedar Wright’s Gear Shed

Pro Climber and Filmmaker Cedar Wright knows a thing or two about adventure, and his gear shed is full to the brim with climbing, paragliding and cycling equipment.



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