This Year’s Most Beautiful Handmade Bikes

Most people these days ride name-brand bikes that are mass-produced in factories. But the tradition of the handmade, small-batch bicycle is still very much alive and well.

It struck me why fat bikes were so immediately appealing. What traditional mountain bikes offered in nimbleness, fatties made up for in versatility.

— Nick Heil

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Once he has finished sewing a wingsuit, he uses a leaf blower to inflate it, observes its shape, and examines how well the wings maintain air pressure, which is critical to good glide.

— Matt Higgins


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Our 6 Favorite Vests

Vests are the Swiss Army knives of layering. They work in summer and winter, in town and on the mountain, for early morning dawn patrols and out for dinner. Here are six of our favorites.


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A Look Inside Cedar Wright’s Gear Shed

Pro Climber and Filmmaker Cedar Wright knows a thing or two about adventure, and his gear shed is full to the brim with climbing, paragliding and cycling equipment.