A complete list of everything the new record holder carried and wore

They’re 1,706 miles in and this is what they like most

Reebok’s Floatride Energy 4 Adventure delivers a road-shoe ride with just enough toughness for dirt

A product of obsessive attention to detail, these new water jugs and faucet reinvent water storage for the outdoors

Two hikers go head to head on the best carryall for a walk in the woods

You’ll be shocked to hear we were outside

Rivendell Bicycle Works built a loyal following by ignoring convention. But what happens when good intentions spark public outrage in a country divided?

One man’s quixotic journey into vehicle safety for dogs

Hatchets, saws, and axes have a place—and it’s not in the backcountry

By repurposing scrap materials into gear, employing resettled refugees, and partnering with leading brands, Adiff is modeling a more sustainable textile industry

Is the PürTrek pole-filter mashup a brilliant idea or a Frankensteinian mess?

How to turn unexpected problems into easy solutions the next time you go off-grid

How a satellite communicator helps me tamp down panic in the wilderness

An unscientific journey to test Spy's new Discord shades

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For queer Canadian runner Gabriela DeBues-Stafford, success is about leaving it all on the track

Making a net-positive impact as a company selling stuff is hard. These businesses stand out for their design innovation, social and political action, and meaningful sustainability commitments.

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Meet the winners of the Land Rover Defender Service Awards—and learn how to enter this year’s contest

Where did the brand known for its huge, cushy soles come from—and how did they get on the feet of Britney Spears?

Using vintage vibes, natural fibers, and old-school designs, this Salt Lake City–based manufacturer has inspired a devoted user base—and Instagram fans—all over the world

There’s thinking outside the box, and then there’s using the box to create something entirely new. That’s the kind of innovation Nicole McLaughlin puts into her work.

The tough and maneuverable Roadie 48 is a winner

With these key first aid items, you’ll be significantly safer when heading into the backcountry

Modern drivetrains are a net win for consumers, but there’s a loss of simplicity in the push to add more gears

It’s light, durable, and breathable. What more do you want?

The Specter is a speedy super-foam trainer that supports your stance and lets your feet engage

As overlanding has exploded in popularity, these companies come up with increasingly inventive camping gadgets

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With the UA Flow Synchronicity, Under Armour delivers a running shoe designed to fit and support the natural shape of a woman’s foot so women can run even faster

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An interactive guide to one of fly-fishing's most storied roads

In the era of megafires and fire bans, we need a new way to hang out at base camp. Howl Campfires are genuinely warm, easy to transport, and safe to use.

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Pack strategically and you’ll be able to stay out longer than you ever thought possible

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Wilder adventures. Bigger waves. Better meals. Three adventure experts share their tips.

Make your next trip better with these items

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Prep yourself with knowledge and tools before venturing out on your own

By biomimicking animal fur, gear created with this innovative insulation is as warm as a puffy jacket, more breathable than a fleece, and protects the wearer from bad weather, too

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The essentials for overlanding aren’t as complicated as you might think

With fabrics created from alga, graphene, and copper, and hoodies built to last a hundred years, two British ad men are creating the apparel and gear of the future

Our first impressions say the new Tempus delivers on its promise to help guide and support, while losing none of its light, responsive, super-foam-powered ride

Denim rocks—I don’t hesitate to hop the saddle in a pair of jeans

It’s way more expensive and not as comfortable. Our gear director weighs the pros and cons of an über-light kit.

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Wildfire? Hurricane? Apocalypse? In this uncertain age, everyone should be prepared to escape in a hurry.

All helmets sold in the U.S. are subject to the same standards, so why should you pay more?

It’s easy to fall for the bells and whistles, but the hardtail wins with its affordability, versatility, and simplicity

Essential gear for any type of summer travel and adventure

The store isn’t just good for bulk buys or $1.50 hot dog combos. There are some great outdoor deals, too.

We tracked down everything from old-school DIY projects to cutting-edge all-electric builds

The knowledge you need to find the most effective gear on a budget

You’ll want to know about these earbuds

The fuzzy tops we’re reaching for when summer adventures turn cool

Dads come in all varieties. One of Outside’s gear dads has the perfect Father’s Day gift idea for each.

Bomber bags for air travel, daily commuting, or any adventure off the beaten path

Here are the nine pieces from the 2022 Summer Gear Guide that our gear editors are obsessing over

Our picks for Outdoor Retailer Gear of the Show flip old ideas on their heads

The Revolution Go is an ideal machine for toting your favorite records to picnics, park days, or anywhere else under the sun

After months of testing, it’s proven to be everything I need for adventuring. And then some.

Casual fits for the office, gym, and everywhere in between

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Enter to win overlanding gear for your vehicle

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In honor of National Overlanding Month we’re bringing you the ultimate sweepstakes to fully kit out your adventure mobile

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"Off-road" and "on-road" are a thing of the past. The Tundra is all-road.

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Kick off hiking season with the most revolutionary water filters yet

Beware of these warning signs that indicate it’s time to get new kicks. Plus, use these expert tips to extend the life of your trail runners.

The latest pieces of clothing and knowledge that’ll help you get the most from this season’s excursions in the backcountry

For comfort and storage space, this shelter is hard to beat

A portable three-person tent for deep backcountry adventures

You’d be hard pressed to find a better deal on a fully built camper van

Take the whole family along in this distinctive camper

This is the most innovative camper we’ve tested in years

Upgrade to these versatile trip staples

With the right tent you can protect yourself from the weather, spread out in luxury, and settle into a home away from home

From the park to the podium, the Privateer 141 does it all

This shoe brings carbon-plated speed to the masses

We reviewed 341 pieces of gear. But these ones stood above.

These bags and pads will keep you warm and promote healthy sleep without weighing down your pack