Here are five ways to pimp your commuter bike, whether you want to spend $20 or $150.
Here are five ways to pimp your commuter bike, whether you want to spend $20 or $150. (Photo: RyanJLane/iStock)

5 Products to Pimp Your Commuter Bike

Because safety and comfort are key for commuting

Here are five ways to pimp your commuter bike, whether you want to spend $20 or $150.

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Though you may have a stable of bikes in your garage, your commuter is the true workhorse of the group. Maximize its usefulness with these accessories.

Spurcycle Bell ($50)

(Courtesy Spurcycle)

Ring this bell and everyone, from pedestrians to the sandwich delivery guy in the bike lane will know you’re coming through and they won’t hate you for it.

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Outdoor Tech Buckshot 2.0 ($40)

(Courtesy Outdoor Tech)

This tiny speaker is waterproof and dustproof and can clip to your backpack or strap to your handlebars. The sound quality is good, even when you’re on a fast, windy descent, and there’s a built-in microphone so you can take calls while you’re pedaling.

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Portland Design Works Task Basket ($130)

(Courtesy Portland Design Works)

You’re too tough for a basket on the front of your bike, right? Wrong. The Task Basket’s combo of bamboo and alloy tubing looks slick and conveniently fits a six pack, or a boom box, or cupcakes.

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Brooks England Flyer Aged Saddle ($150)

(Courtesy Brooks)

Brooks is a legendary saddle maker, and the Flyer gives you that leather saddle cachet without a break in period. Steel springs absorb some of the road chatter, but really, this is about making your commuter look as good as possible.

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Electra Linear Cup Holder ($20)

(Courtesy Electra)

Struggling to carry coffee might be the only legitimate reason not to commute by bicycle. Problem solved with this simple cup holder that clamps onto your handlebars. It works pretty well for frosty beverages in the afternoon, too.

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Timbuk2 Goodie Box ($20)

(Courtesy Timbuk2)

You probably don’t need full frame bags or saddle packs for your town bike, but a case to hold a few essentials and your phone, which you can see and touch through a clear protective screen, is just smart packing. Think of it as a glove box for your bike.

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Lead Photo: RyanJLane/iStock

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