Cielo Sportif By Chris King
Cielo Sportif By Chris King (Inga Hendrickson)

Cielo Sportif by Chris King Road Bike

Cielo Sportif By Chris King

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THE SELL: The Cadillac of road bikes: smooth, poised, and classy. THE TEST: Custom-made by the renowned bike builder himself, this steel cruiser nixed road chatter and took the sting out of potholes but still felt confident and sprightly. The detailing here is stunning, with engraved dropouts and machined headtube collars. “Lust, lust, lust,” wrote one tester. But this is no antique. The geometry is sensible and stable, and the Chris King hubs are so smooth and dynamic you can almost feel yourself going faster. “I didn’t know bikes could feel so solid at 50 miles per hour,” another exclaimed. That stability comes with a weight penalty, but if you’re worried about that, the Cielo Sportif is probably not for you anyway. THE VERDICT: If you frequent pitted country lanes or the occasional dirt mountain pass, this is your new bike. 19.1 lbs
Handling: 4
Responsiveness: 3.5

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