Ultra-minimalist bike storage
Ultra-minimalist bike storage (Clug)

Clug Bike Hanger

A simple device to keep your bikes organized and out of the way.

Ultra-minimalist bike storage
Robert Annis

We love bikes. But storing them can be a pain.

Enter Clug, a new ultra-minimalist way to keep your steeds in order at home and at work. It's basically a simple C-shaped piece of plastic with a silicone gripper that screws into the wall and then wrap around a wheel to keep the bike in place. You can store bikes horizontally or vertically, so long as one wheel touches the ground, as Clug isn’t designed to hold the rig's full weight. 

Clugs come in multiple colors and three sizes—road, hybrid, and mountain. No word, however, on a fat-bike version.

$25, getclug.com

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