Lance Armstrong on the way to his 6th Tour de France victory.
Lance Armstrong on the way to his 6th Tour de France victory. (Photo: Marc Pagani Photography/Shutters)

Digital Doping Is Here

And it’s the safer, easier way to improve your performance this winter

Lance Armstrong on the way to his 6th Tour de France victory.

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Are the cold dark December miles hurting you? Coach is hassling you for poor numbers? Or maybe you just haven’t collected enough Strava KOMs this year?

A new website,, has you covered. It’s a simple and genius concept that automatically improves your performance with the click of a button. Just plug in your Garmin after a workout, choose by percentage how much you want your ride improved, and the app auto-generates a file with the same route but improved metrics.

For example, if you choose to reduce your ride time by, say, 25 percent, that 1 hour 29 minute ride gets trimmed by over 20 minutes. All segments are shrunk accordingly, meaning you could single-handedly obliterate every hammer in town. There’s even a toggle that let’s you simultaneously reduce your heart rate, so not only will you crush everyone, but you’ll look like you were Ricardo Riccò while you were doing it. But maybe heed The Cobra’s cautionary example and practice a little moderation.

Okay, not really. Riding’s got you down that much? Go skiing. And if you’re that worried about KOMs, maybe it’s time to take a little break from Strava for a while. Now slather on some embrocation, strap up those booties, and climb back into the saddle. And remember: There are no shortcuts—just ask Lance.

Lead Photo: Marc Pagani Photography/Shutters

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