Field Tested: Kickbutt Amped Energy Ballz

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There has been a surge in anatomically-named fitness products lately. Cyclist Dave Zabriskie released his anti-chaffing cream, DZ Nuts (pronounced dees nuts) in 2008. Anti-Monkey Butt Powder, developed in 2003, became the anti-chaffing product of choice for dirt bikers. So when a friend came back from competing in Ironman’s Steelhead 70.3 with the latest cheekily-named product stuffed in his SWAG bag, I rolled my eyes. But when I realized kickbutt is not another bum protector, I decided to give the “amped energy ballz” a try.

Resembling a Whopper, a single kickbutt ball contains 38-calories, 40 mg of caffeine and a bunch of B vitamins. They come in either cherry or cappuccino flavors in a two-ball package, tubes of four, or jars of 20 for about a buck a ball.

I popped one open around 4 pm last Thursday when I was suffering from the week’s workouts and work stress. Almost three hours later, I was still feeling ready to bang out an hour-long swim workout.

Verdict: The cherry flavor tastes like a sugar-free chocolate-covered cherry gummy bear. We’re not talking Godiva chocolate here (hence the sugar-free consistency–and low calorie count), but if you’re looking for an energy boost that doesn’t come in nasty-shot or calorie-laden coffee form, grab a ball or two and get rolling.

For more nutritional information than you ever thought existed for a 38-calorie food, click here.

Click here to get your own ballz.

–Erin Beresini

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