Bell Sequence
Bell Sequence
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How Should I Replace My Bike Helmet: Bell Sequence

I bike a lot. Between my sweat and the sun, I wonder—how long does a helmet last? If it's time for a new lid, what do I buy?

Bell Sequence
Doug Gantenbein

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Mountain-biking helmets really are different from road helmets.

Mountain helmets typically have more venting at the top of the helmet, so warm air can escape when you’re grinding up a long slope in the big ring. So take a look at the Bell Sequence ($90). It’s an excellent all-around mountain helmet, with plenty of ventilation and a removable visor.

THE ALTERNATE: Here’s a new take on the trad MTB helmet: The POC Trabec ($160). The Trabec inherits features from POC’s ski helmets, such as a more all-head fit than some other helmets, which tend to sit on top of the skull. Plus it’s a very cool-looking helmet.

For something more urban, check out this this next helmet.

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