Maverick Durance - Mountain Bikes: Reviews

Maverick Durance – Mountain Bikes: Reviews

Maverick Durance - Mountain Bikes: Reviews

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Maverick is to the mountain bike what Apple is to the personal computer: the underdog that insists it knows a better way. And we’re not arguing with a Mac Pro, or the Durance. Designed by Paul Turner, creator of the suspension fork, the Durance combines Maverick’s brilliantly simple MonoLink Suspension with a six-inch-travel fork—yet somehow it still weighs a few spokes under 27 pounds. On paper, that means the Durance erases the line between a cross-country and an all-mountain ride. On the trail, it whips uphill much faster than you’d expect, and tackles downhills like a pared-down motocross bike. 26.8 lbs;

Bonus: Switch saddle positions on the fly—high for climbing, low for the descents—with the bar-mounted joystick control that operates the hydraulic seatpost.

Bummer: The proprietary front fork is plenty light—six inches of travel in a sub-four-pound package!—but some riders will still find the dual-crown design too burly.

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