Introducing the sleekest earth-friendly transportation since George Clooney dropped a hybrid engine in his Jaguar. ELLSWORTH’s THE RIDE is the first bike to incorporate the revolutionary NuVinci hub, which uses a series of tilting spheres to offer a seamless progression of pedaling options from easiest to hardest. Imagine having your…

I'm looking for a full-suspension mountain bike that’s under $2,000. The ideal bike would also handle a little downhill action as well. What's the best bike for me in this price range? Dan Georgetown, Texas

From low prices to high comfort, the best new road bikes share one basic feature: fun

I'm 51 years old and want to do long-distance rides down the Australia coastline. I can't decide between a cross or road bike (I've always had a mountain bike). What would be best for me? Becky Wollongong, NSW, Australia

A legendary bike builder unretires to deliver the slickest new all-mountain ride on the planet

Call them your dancing shoes. PEARL IZUMI‘s new silver OCTANE road shoes come with a patented titanium-and-carbon-fiber plate and a mini-reel so you can snug them up and go. At 10.5 ounces each, they’re lighter than a good carbo load but stiff enough for any hammerhead. $400;…

From sleek and sexy road machines to mountain-taming single-speeds, the big news about this year's best bikes is trickle-down technology that makes cutting-edge performance accessible for every rider and any budget

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Don't fix your dream ride with duct tape and twist ties. Keep it running smoothly with the ultimate home bike garage.

I'm the type of mountain biker who enjoys venturing off the beaten path; I often have to carry my bike over hills and valleys and I like to stop and explore my surroundings on foot. I'm searching for the perfect pair of clipless mountain-bike shoes that double as a durable hiker. Does such a hybrid exist? Kaiser Falls, Idaho

While carbon fiber and titanium are today’s much-hyped materials of choice for everything from sunglasses to F1 race cars, bamboo is emerging as nature’s own sustainable performance material. The supergrass is nearly as strong as steel and can be woven as soft as silk for one-twentieth the cost. It also…

Is there a bicycle trailer out there that can handle a 75-pound golden retriever? I want to ride 12 miles to our nearby off-leash dog park, run and swim her down there for a while, and then ride home. Greg Littleton, Colorado

What type of footwear do you recommend for winter mountain biking in northern Wisconsin? I don't have toe clips on my bike, just straps. Right now I'm using uninsulated Gore-Tex hikers with toe warmers, but I think I need a little more protection as even my water bottle is freezing up! Loralyn Phelps, Wisconsin

I've recently gotten into road cycling and I've been eyeing a pair of clipless pedals. I noticed that there are several different systems out there and was wondering if you could give some advice on the advantages of each. Ben Bethesda, Maryland

Presenting our just-discovered Periodic Table of Outside Elements, a breakthrough in mapping the scientific building blocks of big, bad fun. We've alchemized gold, steel, titanium, wood, leather, wool, silicon, plastic, and carbon fiber into an array of 56 high-design gifts that you'll definitely want to give. And, just as important, get.

What do you get when you combine an obscure speed contest, some scrap aerospace material, and one very obsessed California engineer? A bike that can push 80 miles per hour. Behold the Cutting Edge II, a nine-foot, 42-pound recumbent ride that may be the most efficient human-powered machine ever built.

Mountain-bike training on a stationary bike is like prepping for a rodeo on a merry-go-round: The thrill is gone, and you’re just spinning. Enter the Trixter X-Bike: Hinged handlebars rock from side to side to provide the core-and-upper-body workout you get from blazing trails and climbing hills—minus the risk of…

I'm looking for a bike to do a bit of everything: commuting year round, several short rides in spring, and some off-road racing in early fall. What's your opinion of the Gary Fisher 29er bicycles, and how exactly do they differ from other high-end hybrids (for exple, the Cannondale Bad Boy HeadShok or the Kona Dr Dew)? I currently own a Trek 1200 road bike for racing and a worn hybrid for commuting and bad-weather training, but would like something fast, comfortable, and durable for all-around use. Can one bike do it all? Jarle Bergen, Norway

Have I got an expensive proposition! I'm planning a trip to Italy and thinking it might be the perfect time to buy a new road bike straight from the factory, say Pinarello, De Rosa, or Colnago. Are there any advantages to doing this, such as incredible savings, or seeing the bike in progress and test riding it in the mountains? Are there drawbacks, such as duties, taxes, exchange rates, warranties and language that would make this way more trouble than it's worth? Thanks for your wisdom! Bob Foster St. Louis, Missouri

I'm planning a three- to seven-day mountain biking trip this summer. If I'll be riding up to six hours per day, what tent, sleeping bag, and backpack will I need? As always, your advice is very welcome. Mark New York City

OK, this is a serious question. You seem like the kind of guy who does a fair amount of biking in cold, windy places. I've recently started to use my bike to commute to work and have noticed a "small" change in a very personal area. The wind goes right through my pants, and when I arrive at my location my little guy is tucked away like a scared turtle. This isn't a real huge problem, just inconvenient and uncomfortable. Do you know of any underwear or pants that could help fight this problem? Karl Rostock, Germany

What's a good, moderately priced tire for mountain biking in the snow? I'm not looking to spend a fortune for a studded snow tire, just something with better traction that I can use in the spring as well. Paul Patterson, New York

I'm taking a two-day bike tour with a friend. We are both concerned about the camping stuff we need to be carrying. Can you give some advice on what we should carry on our bikes? And which sleeping bags would you suggest? Ali Serefli Hartford, Connecticut

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