Doc's Natural Chafe Stick Sportique shaving cream Herbivore Botanicals Bamboo Cha Gillette Body razor Rapha Post Shave lotion Assos Active Wear cycling dopp kit
Stay comfortable and clean no matter where race day brings you. Clockwise from left: Doc's Natural Chafe Stick, Sportique shaving cream, Herbivore Botanicals Bamboo Charcoal soap, Gillette Body razor, and Rapha Post Shave lotion. (Assos Active Wear cleanser spilled all over.) (Hannah McCaughey)

The Savvy Cyclist’s Grooming Tools

Traveling for race day? A well-stocked dopp kit is your secret weapon.


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There’s no excuse for slacking on race-day grooming, even when you’re on the road. Just a handful of choice essentials won’t weigh down your bag, but they will keep you chafe-free, aerodynamic, and smelling super fresh—so all you have to focus on is being the champ that you are.

Race-Day Ally

Because Doc’s Natural Chafe Stick ($13) contains nothing but natural ingredients like olive, coconut, rose hip, and jojoba oils instead of a bunch of chemicals, we’re OK using it on our sensitive bits.

Aerodynamic Advantage

Shaving with soap and water is akin to lubricating your bike chain with Drano. Instead, slather on Sportique shaving cream ($18), which has shea butter and coconut oil for a smoother shear.

Post-Ride Reset

Herbivore Botanicals Bamboo Charcoal soap ($10) makes smoky gray suds that look strange but cut the oil and grease from sweaty workouts. Tea tree oil leaves you tinglingly clean.

Close Cut

A stack of three blades on the Gillette Body razor ($9) make quick work of coarse leg hair and, in a pinch, work great on your face, too.

Muscle Refresh

With its bracing blend of rosemary and lemon oils and soothing aloe, Rapha Post Shave lotion ($30) leaves legs feeling almost as good as a session with a gifted soigneur.

Specialized Kit Care

Don’t trust the hotel laundry with your expensive race kit. After you’re all cleaned up from an event, fill the tub and add a splash of Assos Active Wear cleanser ($23) to wash and deodorize gear.

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