Schwinn Fastback  -  Road Bikes: Reveiws

Schwinn Fastback – Road Bikes: Reviews

Schwinn Fastback  -  Road Bikes: Reveiws

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Why It’s CoolWith their straight-gauge tubes and bruiser metal forks, bargain-priced aluminum bikes deliver a harsh ride. But Schwinn’s aluminum pipes are butted and shaped to balance stiffness with compliance—the Fastback quietly hummed down ratty pavement. » Check the bump-damping carbon-fiber fork—yeah, on a triple-digit-price bike. » Pedaling this racy Schwinn on a Saturday-morning group ride, I took a little ribbing from friends who’d shelled out up to $4,000 more for high-end carbon-fiber or titanium bikes. Their jaws dropped, though, when I told them how little they would pay for this one. » Shimano’s value-priced 27-speed Tiagra parts kit worked without a hitch. » Ritchey stem, bars, and seatpost—slots that are often filled with cheap, no-name parts—also earned a thumbs-up.

Hmmm . . .While the Fastback is an outstanding value, remember to budget an extra $50 to $100 for pedals, assuming you go clipless. Pester the shop for a deal on them when you buy the bike.

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