Sport Rocker SS
Sport Rocker SS (Inga Hendrickson)

Spot Rocker SS Mountain Bike

Sport Rocker SS

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THE SELL: The smoothest, most reliable single-speed available. THE TEST: Single-speeding is about simplicity, and belt drives—which replace the chain and chainrings with a clean, quiet belt-and-pulley system—are austerity incarnate. Testers loved how the Rocker SS’s new CenterTrack belt, with a center channel and shaped fin design, locked the belt on its track for uninterrupted power transfer. The new system, combined with the steel frame’s fluid feel, provided a ride that one tester called “beautifully, eerily silent.” However, though WTB’s new tubeless wheels gave an admirable ride, for the price we’d have preferred lighter, top-of-the-line hoops. THE VERDICT: Our favorite single-speed this year—plenty stiff for railing hard but comfier than most hardtails. 23 lbs
Climbing: 4
Descending: 3.5

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