A T-Shirt of the Month Club for Two-Wheelers


What's cooler than wearing a tee from your favorite bike shop, or one with some eco, hipster or access oriented message? Having a shirt that you won't see on anybody else in the neighborhood.

Twin Six, purveyor of coveted bike jerseys and tees, helps you achieve that exclusivity with its t-shirt of the month. The first week of each month, the company prints a bike-inspired limited run of 100 percent cotton made-in-the-USA tees. The monthly tee shows up on Twin Six's website sometime in the first few days of the new calendar page, and it's there until it sells out, which could be hours, days or weeks.

Last month, the theme was April showers. This month it's the Maypole Bike Derby pictured above. Get one starting Friday, May 4, 2012. $24,

–Berne Broudy