public bikes m8 rivoli
(Inga Hendrickson)

The Ultimate Summer Cruiser

Escaping the easy way with summer’s coolest new ride, the M8 Rivoli

public bikes m8 rivoli
Jeremy Spencer

Say I stepped outside one exquisite summer day and discovered a private jet waiting to chauffeur me anywhere I wanted to go. (Work with me here.) It would take me approximately zero seconds to pick my destination: the beach at Hanalei Bay, Kauai. This ganglion of Hawaiian surf culture features sublime sand buffeted by Crest-colored waves. But the real deciding factor? The entire island is a cyclist’s dream. And this cyclist’s dream ride would be Public’s new M8 Rivoli. Named after Paris’s famous cafés-and-couture street, this easygoing cruiser from San Francisco is ideal for beach bumming, with a sand-defying eight-speed internal hub and classic features designed to offer comfort and utility.

Note the elegant, step-through mixte frame, made of forgiving chromoly steel, the soft leather Brooks saddle, and the plush 35-millimeter tires. There’s even an optional (and perfectly manly!) basket for stashing everything from towels to surf wax to a six-pack. And unlike the La-Z-Boy-style bikes infesting most beach towns, the Rivoli, with its upright geometry, can still get you somewhere fast—if you must. ($1,495)

From Outside Magazine, Aug 2013 Lead Photo: Inga Hendrickson