What is your favorite women’s cycling apparel?

Why is it so hard to find cycling apparel that doesn't make me look like a boy? The Editors Santa Fe, NM


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I don’t know the answer to that, but I will say that I, personally, shy away from jerseys that make me feel like a billboard and baggy, saggy shorts, which make for miserable, unsafe riding. I’ve recently discovered that Luna, best known for its tasty women’s nutrition bars, also makes beautifully designed cycling, mountain biking, and commuting clothes. Since the company has world mountain bike champion Marla Strebb on it’s payroll, a 280-member strong “ambassador program” of enthusiast riders, and sponsors “Luna Chix,” the world’s best mountain biking team, it made sense for them to start outfitting all of these women in cool cycling clothes, which are generally elegant, durable, and made from sustainable and/or recycled fabric whenever possible.


Eclipse Eclipse

My favorite Luna top is the Eclipse Long Sleeve Jersey ($130; Suitable for road or mountain biking, the form-fitting jersey is made from two- and four-way 92 percent recycled stretch polyester, and has mesh ventilation under the arms. Thoughtful details like three pockets in the back, make the Eclipse practical, but the chrome zipper also adds a touch of class.

As for shorts, roadies will love the Epiphany ($160), a beautifully textured ten-panel short made with Italian Lycra and chamois. They not only look and feel good, the wide waistband avoids those annoying elastic imprints that seem tattooed on your skin after a long ride. My favorite for running errands around town or taking a casual spin on the trails is the Moon Buggy short ($100). The woven nylon shell has a removable chamois, cinches on both sides of the waist so you can wear it as a hip hugger or higher. Plus, it’s got fun features like antique snaps, so you feel fashionable when you’re off your bike and in, say, the ice cream parlor.

Best of all, Luna sends one percent of its gross profit to the Breast Cancer Fund.

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