Willier Triestina Gran Turismo Bike
Willier Triestina Gran Turismo Bike (Inga Hendrickson)

Wilier Triestina GranTurismo Road Bike

Willier Triestina Gran Turismo Bike

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THE SELL: A touring bike with race DNA. THE TEST: “It felt like it was made for me,” was a common refrain about the GranTurismo. That’s because the wildly shaped carbon tubes, which are squared off and as thick as a double deck of cards at the headtube junction, soak up every bump. But thanks to the asymmetric chainstays and a massive bottom bracket, that broad, stable character didn’t hurt efficiency. And on descents, the bike tracked like a missile. Our only, minor gripe: a few riders felt the compact gearing was underpowered. THE VERDICT: Impressive combo of speed and comfort. 17.3 lbs
Handling: 4.5
Responsiveness: 4

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